From Board Rooms to Our Chalet, Come Play!

French Alpine Bistro: The Ultimate Work Reward

by S.W.Kirch

Twenty-four hours in a single day, and just how many of them are spent at work?  For many people, more time is spent with colleagues than with spouses, children, or friends.  As a result, many partnerships actually do start or flourish at the workplace. This is where people notice if you’re looking worried, and ask you why, or else they are the first to congratulate you on a job well-done. Since we do share so much of our lives with people at the office, it can be a good idea to take time to connect with each other outside of work, as well. This is a sure-fire way to improve understanding and foster even more collaboration among employees.  After all, everyone’s striving towards a similar goal.  

At the French Alpine Bistro – Crêperie du Village, we understand the importance of honoring your company’s culture. So, after a seminar at the Aspen Institute; after an exciting group rafting trip down the Colorado River; or after skiing Ajax, why not round off the day’s experiences with a gourmet dinner?

Simply contact the French Alpine Bistro – Crêperie du Village to book your business’ chance to celebrate accomplishments, welcome new staff, or thank clients. While the family-style designed menus are perfect for occasions where the people have known each other for years – even decades – our restaurant also offers the chance to select from plated entrees including Saffron Sea Scallops, a succulent dish served with a saffron lemon butter sauce, basil roasted cherry tomatoes, and topped with micro greens, or the Steak au Poivre, which is served with roasted brussel sprouts, pecans, bacon  & cranberries, just to name two!  

Scallops1_2Saffron Sea Scallops

Remember: the French Alpine Bistro – Crêperie du Village can be partially or entirely bought out to include indoor or outdoor seating.  Up to 60 guests can be accommodated inside the intimate venue, or go ahead and add 30 more guests to your list for the terrace, and 20 more for the street-level seating, for a grand total of 110 people.  

In the words of Kathy Chaix, co-owner of Chaix vineyards, hosting a celebration at the French Alpine Bistro – Crêperie du Village was,

 “…lovely, tres chic. I rented the restaurant … for a meal and went off for a late concert. The staff was excellent. They were a combination of happy for me and professional in getting everyone organized and fed. The food was delicious, the French wine served by the course interesting and unique, and the presentation perfect.  If I had any other event to celebrate, I would have it there in an instant. 

See for yourself just how much place and people matter in the business of making memories. Remind yourself, and your employees, that there’s more to life than living to work.  We very much look forward to supporting you in planning your next corporate event! 

For more information, please view our event guide.  If you have any questions, do let us know.