Is Gluten-Free for Me?

If you’re wondering if/how you can enjoy French fare in a gluten-free way, this is what you need to read! Pictured above is our Délice d’Asie (left) and the Kaiser-Schnitzel Caesar Salad (right), both are gluten-free.

GF – You’ll see these letters on many products nowadays, and they’re a definite sign of the times.  Many more people are trying to reduce their intake of grains that contain gluten. Regardless of whether this is due to an allergy (such as celiac disease, which even at 1% in the U.S., equals three million affected Americans), a sensitivity, or a preference – here at the French Alpine Bistro – Crêperie du Village we have you covered. We offer excellent gluten-free bread, and don’t get us started on the crêpes! In fact, the original crêpe was made from a middle-eastern, gluten-free grain-like food source: buckwheat. Not only can any of the crêpes, but also the fondue, Schnitzel, salads and even our soups can be made GF!  Just visit us at 400 E. Hopkins Avenue in Aspen, Colorado and find the comfort of food, surrounded by the beautiful ambiance of a French bistro, in whichever form you need.