Jean-René Germanier Petite Arvine

Petite Arvine is a white grape that originated in the French -speaking Valais region of Switzerland, and has thrived there since 1602. Using this grape variety, the Jean-René Germanier vineyard, established in 1886, has achieved star status in Switzerland and around the world for producing suburb, award winning wines.

The 2016 Jean-René Germanier Petite Arvine has a soft nose, with citrus and herbaceous aromas. It has a medium body, and a fantastic long dry finish. The medium acidity makes this wine a particularly fabulous pairing with our Raclette. This dish, originally Swiss in origin, gives pride of place to a melted Raclette cheese, neither too strong nor too bland. By matching acidity levels in wine and food, they actually cancel each other out, which allows you to really notice all the natural flavors

Aside from the Raclette, another one of our recommended pairings is the cheese fondue. Adopting a traditional Alpine recipe, our fondue contains both Swiss and French cheeses. The crisp green apple and savory melted cheese pairs well with a crisp, dry white wine. The Jean-René’s long finish cleanses the palate and has you yearning for another delicious bite of mouth watering fondue. 

The leaves are changing, weather cooling and we look forward to sharing this phenomenal pairing during your next visit.