What Is Fine About Dining?

We’ve all been there…to go or not to go – that’s the ultimate question.  Is it worth the effort to get ready (i.e.- put on more than the bare minimum), make a commitment to friends or family (eating alone is an option, but never seems quite as good as sharing a meal), and pay money for something you might just be able to learn to make decently by watching the right video? It’s true, going out to eat at a quality establishment often requires effort, intention and a considerable investment in time or money (or both), so why bother?

Let me just say that it’s always, absolutely, worth it to make the choice to go to the French Alpine Bistro – La Crêperie du Village. How do I know?  Because, in the eight years since they’ve opened, I can remember in detail (no joke: what I’ve ordered, whom I’ve shared it with, and just where we sat) each and every time I’ve ever eaten there.

 This is because it’s not simply a restaurant; it’s a place that reminds you of what’s truly important: celebrating life and sharing it.  We’ve gone there for dinner as a family after having seen the musical “Annie”, and talked and laughed about the show. I’ve had coffee and dessert with close friends there; had a drink before listening to Diana Ross belt out one of her hit songs, “I Will Survive”; celebrated Father’s Day; had candid talks with my goddaughter, the list goes on. Of course, there are other restaurants that have been memorable, but nothing compares to what you can experience by making an effort to dine really fine at the French Alpine Bistro – La Creperie du Village.  It comes down to simply being surrounded by beauty in all its forms, from the old-world oil paintings on the walls, the flickering candles on the tables, the carefully crafted dishes, to the French or Spanish music, which all combine to trigger something in likely everyone who’s ever been there…an urge to savor the moment.

 Other restaurants may have good food, or decent décor, but it’s truly rare to find a place where everything fits together in as harmonious a way as it does here.  As the wind picks up, and the leaves start to change, try getting dressed up a little  bit more (you’re welcome to come in Colorado casual, however), invite someone you care about to join you, and rest assured that you’ll leave knowing that you’ll fondly remember the time you chose to spend eating out instead of staying in.