Geborgenheit to you!

by S.W. Kirch

Times truly are a-changin’…from the roaring 1920’s to now: 2020! It was last century’s 20th decade that heralded the right for women to vote in the U.S., gave us the gift of jazz, and started the Golden Age of Hollywood. One hundred years later, what will this decade divulge? Curious to find out more about two of the strategies for coping with inevitable change? Let’s just say that both of them can be accommodated at our restaurant!

Fragapanophobia (the fear of birthdays) may just take the cake as one of many fears out there, but the annual cringe that some people have at the thought of getting just one year older can be overshadowed by gerascophobia (the general fear of aging), or just chronophobia (the fear of passing time).  Since we’re experiencing the dawn of a new decade, any or all of these circumstances can be met with a certain amount of trepidation.  Enter two heroes of the situations: comfort foods and Geborgenheit.

 Brownies might be what counts as comforting food for some, mac and cheese for others, or just a simple chicken noodle soup for the rest of us….studies, such as these from this article by Cari Romm in The Atlantic, have shown that whatever dish evokes associations of being cared for could be a person’s comfort food. 

 Here at the French Alpine Bistro – Crêperie du Village, let us put a French twist on the foods that help you navigate life’s stressful periods.  In lieu of a brownie, for example, try a mouthful of the Schokoladepalatschinke, and feel your blood pressure go down and a smile come up at the first bite of this chocolate crêpe filled with chocolaté ganache, dulce de leche, strawberries and bananas. As for a mac and cheese substitute, look no farther than our truffle gnocchi – made up of a batch of black truffle filled gnocchi, caramelized onions, bacon and melted Gruyère cheese – it’s sure to please. Finally, the chicken noodle soup can find its French kin in the Coq-au-vin, one of Chef Eric’s specialities; it’s braised dark chicken meat in red wine sauce, bacon, mushrooms and pearl onions, served over Pappardelle.  

 Of course, all of this is better shared, which is why when there’s a chance to connect in real-time with people who mean a lot to you, then sitting down to a beautifully set table and sharing some of the restaurant’s famous entrees can be another antidote to counter the stressors brought on by any kind of change – whether personal (marital status, job, or move), local, or (inter)national (elections, environmental concerns, or simply big news). Two of these marvelous meals are fondue and raclette – both of which have to do with gathering around a type of either hot bowl or hot grill laden with delicious ingredients.  Read more about them here.

 Essentially, that sense of warmth that emanates from your surroundings, and which can transfer into feeling protected and cared for, is best embodied by the German word: Geborgenheit.  There’s no direct translation for it, but it is the quintessential comfort scenario – one embraced by our restaurant, with its attention to detail, Old World antiques, and soft lighting – and it pairs perfectly with comfort foods

 So, instead of facing the birthday, the new milestone, or the New Year alone, try getting together with some of the special people in your life, especially those who defend the silver lining, and make some new, happy memories at our restaurant.  We are adamant that it will not only be time well spent, but it will also help support you in facing life with little to no fearà votre santé!